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Uptown on 27th (n.)~

a local organization

offering professional services for Valley homeowner, neighborhood, community, and condominium associations.

Contact us today and see how we fit in your town!

But...if we're already there, how can we assist you?


the principle of donating time and energy for the good of a community as a social responsiblity rather than for a financial reward

Would you like to share how you helped your community? Please submit your story to and we will publish it within our community of clients, affiliate partners, friends, and family.

Humanity. Pass it on.

Quick & Dirty Guide to Living in an HOA

1. Pay your assessments (look right)

2. Keep your yard clean

3. Park your vehicles where they belong

4. Put your trash can away

5. If you are making a change to the outer appearance of your home, apply.

6. Be kind to your neighbors!

7. Call, if you have any outstanding circumstances that may land you in "trouble." I promise we will work it out with you.

Title Company Demand Request:

Want to pay your assessments online? 

Click below

*Your Management ID, Association ID and Acount number can all be found on your monthly mailed  statement or e-statement coupon. If you are not receiving these monthly yet, please email us to obtain this information. 

Payment Address Only:


c/o Payment Processing Center

PO Box 61205

Phoenix, AZ 85082

p.s. make sure your check is payable to the association, not Uptown (otherwise we'd be rich), and your account # is on there, too.! Thank you.

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